Your french bakery in the heart of Amsterdam


Your french bakery in the
heart of Amsterdam

« At brioche.
We bake all our brioches daily with love and high-quality ingredients, so we can spoil your taste buds »

Our chef bakes with panache

Brioche is a bakery in Amsterdam offering a wide range of freshly baked products. Our team of skilled bakers uses only the finest ingredients to create delicious treats that are sure to satisfy any gourmet palate.

At Brioche, we are proud of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you stop by for a quick breakfast pastry or order a customer cake/brioche for a special occasion, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Special “Epiphany” Order

Special Order

January is “Gallette des Rois à la frangipane” & “Brioche des Rois” month at brioche. : a “galette à la frangipane” or a brioche decorated with candied fruits on the outside and all-natural on the inside.

From 3 to 28 January, brioche. bakes this delectable “galette des rois” or “brioche des rois” in which 1 stone figure is hidden. Whoever finds the bean will be crowned king and may put on the crown (supplied with the brioche)! The brioche is decorated with candied fruit but is plain inside.

Order now the most delicious the “Galette des Rois à la frangipane” or the “Brioche des Rois” to celebrate Epiphany with Parisian charm.

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“Add a touch of Parisian charm to your day and order some of your delectable favourites of brioche”

Enjoy our artisan sourdough breads and decadent XXL brioches and chocolate cake, carefully crafted

Order your favorite treat now and collect it 2 days after at our bakery.


At the heart of our bakery, we passionately create the art of bread and Viennese pastries. Every day, we choose top-quality ingredients to create comfortable treats. From fresh wheat to creamy butter, every bite reflects our quest for excellence. Our crisp croissants and airy breads are a testament to our dedication to providing memorable taste experiences.


Our cosy bakery tells tasty stories through unique artisanal brioches. From melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brioches to crunchy chocolates, every bite is an experience. Cinnamon brioches offer spicy flavours, while plain brioches are a celebration of simplicity. Chocolate and peanut brioche combines rich flavours for a delicious delight. Each carefully crafted brioche tantalises your taste buds with every delicious bite.


At the heart of our patisserie, sweet dreams take shape in our handmade creations. The chocolate-caramel cake combines flavours in a delicious symphony. The sesame biscuits offer a unique texture, while the chocolate-hazelnut biscuits combine the crunch of hazelnuts with melting nuggets. Each dessert embodies authenticity and passion, making every moment a gourmet feast, made with love.


Our coffee becomes a workshop of aromas where every drink is a work of art. The cappuccino combines espresso and milk in a balanced canvas. The flat white, simply elegant, caresses the senses with its velvety texture. The creamy latte combines coffee and milk in gentle harmony. Our vibrant matcha latte awakens the spirit. The tea collection offers a journey of carefully chosen flavours. Each sip tells a story, dedicated to coffee and tea lovers.


In our flavour oasis, our artisanal sandwiches create a melody of flavours. The salmon sandwich combines fish with fresh, creamy notes. The Italian mortadella dares to strike a balance between delicacy and subtlety. Vegetarian sandwiches create colourful harmonies. Croques monsieur are comforting with ham and melting cheese. Croque cheese and tuna melt are melt-in-your-mouth, bold variations. Each bite is a symphony dedicated to the taste buds, played with passion to excite the senses.

catering and pre-order

Our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences is evident in our pre-order and personalised catering service. For intimate moments or large events, our pre-order service offers our handmade creations at your pace. The catering service enriches your special occasions with exquisite dishes that reflect our commitment to quality in every bite. Enjoy to the full as we take care of the details.

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Amsterdam has now its very own Briocherie!
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